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Multipass is an access to the IT audience and all services for promotion and recruitment in one subscription.

Introduce your company, show your expertise, find the right employees and customers. DEV Multipass is your voice and hands to reach 1M+ IT talents in Belarus, Poland and Georgia.

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The benefits of Multipass — the largest online media about Belarusian IT inside and outside the country. Focused on news, analytics, research, and community. 680K monthly unique visitors. Since 2008. — media about technology, startups and IT initiatives in Georgia. 27K monthly unique visitors.

"Dzik Pic" — telegram channel and community for Russian-speaking expats in Poland. 15K followers.

Are you in Georgia, too? IT news — telegram channel and community for Russian-speaking expats in Georgia. 2K followers..

We are read

3 countries
Belarus, Georgia, and Poland
high level specialists, Senior and Lead
have over 3 years of experience in IT
29 years
median age of specialists
Developers Testers HR’s Geeks Analysts Managers Tech CEO’s Switchers

What does the Multipass subscription include?

Choose services that are suitable for solving the problems of your company and use them within 3 months from the moment of purchase.