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Multipass is an access to the IT audience and all services for promotion and recruitment in one subscription.

Introduce your company, show your expertise, find the right employees and customers. DEV Multipass is your voice and hands to reach 1.5M+ IT talents in Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and Georgia.

We sustain an IT community, report on major IT events and provide services for businesses all over the world.

Our portfolio includes independent media and projects in four countries:

Our global IT audience can become yours with Multipass

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4 countries
Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, and Poland
high level specialists, Senior and Lead
have over 3 years of experience in IT
29 years
median age of specialists
Developers Testers HR’s Geeks Analysts Managers Tech CEO’s Switchers

1 575 000+

total unique users in all countries


number of companies in the directory

25 680+

IT specialists’ profiles in the anonymous database

55 800+

subscribers to our newsletter with top news and IT events

285 000+

our social media following across the globe

What does the Multipass subscription include?

The audience of 1.5M IT professionals across 3 countries

Company logo in the ‘Partners’ block

Post in a Telegram channel

Unlimited posting and promoting courses, internships and events

A native-ad-like article about the company, location, project, profession, job on the site by your choice

Unlimited posting and promotion of job openings on

Search for IT specialists in the anonymous database

Automatic distribution of job openings to interested candidates

Company page in Blogs

Participation of the company in updated selections and surveys

20% off native and banner advertising

Personal manager’s support

1 country
499 USD/month
Yearly –20%
399 USD/month
3 countries
799 USD/month
Yearly –20%
639 USD/month
If you buy an annual plan now, you won't have to pay for new services in the future. Here is what we are about to add in 2023: new countries, including Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan; new languages and services. The price will rise accordingly for new subscribers but not for you.