Advertising opportunity is our IT-job posting board.
Virtually all Belarusian IT pros keep an eye on the page.

Automatic job matching for IT-pros

Once a week picks relevant vacancies for every job seeker who has opted in to the feature in their profile preferences, and then emails an individually crafted listing.

Rare Candidates provides a unique way for you to target your job posting at IT-pros with an exotic skillset. Even if they are not actively looking for new opportunities.

Search for IT-Professionals

Companies can get access to a searchable résumé database and make an offer to a suitable candidate. If welcomed, the employer will receive the candidate’s name and contact info to connect.

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50 % off for startups with up to 5 employees.

90 % off for non-profit Belarusian companies.

Payment period
6 months –17%
12 months –25%



2 standard job postings

Automatic delivery of jobs to interested candidates

The “Free” plan is available only to IT-companies with in-house development. Also, the companies must be registered in Belarus or have an official representation office here.


200 USD
150 USD
900 USD per 6 months
128 USD
1530 USD per 12 months

5 standard job postings

Automatic delivery of jobs to interested candidates


620 USD
458 USD
2750 USD per 6 months
398 USD
4770 USD per 12 months

Unlimited standard job postings

Publication in the general newsletter

50 % off placement in Corpblogs

Automatic delivery of jobs to interested candidates

A block featuring company logo and job postings on the “Jobs” section page

Free event announcement in the Calendar


7160 USD
per year
7160 USD
per year
7160 USD
per year

All of the plan Maximum features

Integration of responses and job postings with your system

Publication of jobs with post-moderation

Local legislation prohibits the publication of vacancies that promote/involve relocation outside Belarus.

Jobs Promotion

The prices for the publication and promotion of vacancies by recruitment agencies are multiplied by 2.